Danish Corner

I just moved into my new beautiful apartment. And I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help and support of Sidsel Hviid.

A lot of Danes are experts or, at least, are used to DIY. They have been, way before DIY was a thing.  Most people I know have painted their own walls, built, or assembled, their own furniture, set up lamps and so on. But even in this world where everybody does all these things, Sidsel is so much more. And so much better at it too, trust me.

She has the treasure trove of tools and she knows how to use them. And she shares in her experience and knowledge whenever she can. She is always willing to teach and share. She is an amazing friend and an amazing handywoman.

So here is my first point. She is a woman. She, unceremoniously, fights this absurd gender stereotype! It’s not about that for her. She likes it. To me she is an example and a badass! She taught me so much.

As I mentioned above, without her help and support, I wouldn’t have been able to do it. Because she showed me how, she helped me, she supported me, she gave me advice. She didn’t do it for me. Well maybe some things... but mostly she showed me how and helped, giving me advice and love whenever needed.

And here is my second point: she is a woman who supports women. A woman who doesn’t care about stereotypes. A woman who follows her passion. Like I said, a badass.

Thanks to her friendship, help and support, not only have I painted many walls, sanded wood, built and assembled furniture; I have also taken it upon myself to learn how to assemble a plug and install all my lamps. She is fearless and smart. Whenever you ask Sidsel, there is nothing that can’t be done.

Having someone like that in your life is a gift.

And that is not the end of it. She recently bought the space above her apartment and is working on establishing it as living space. She is creating a home from scratch. She knows the difference between what she can do and what the professionals should do. She knows what she wants. She learns. She grows.

I have many amazing women in my life. I am lucky. And especially lucky, that Sidsel is one of them

The words "Everybody should have a Sidsel in their life" are my mother’s. The perfect words to describe and celebrate my friend Sidsel.