In Nigeria a wedding is more of a celebration of joining the lives of two people into one. Nigeria wedding is an all affair that is full of bright colours. There are over 300 tribes in Nigeria with their various on the prominent wedding traditions but the well know tribes are Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo.

As with many cultures, couple observe tradition long before the wedding day arrives. In most part of the world once a couple is engaged, you go on to have an engagement dinner then you get married. Not a Nigeria thing.

We have the mini introduction: here both families met to fix a date for the proper introduction and the engagement ceremony.
The introduction: this is just an elaborate plot of mini introduction, but this time there is more food, music and exchange of gifts.
The engagement: in most nigerian culture is the most important: here the groom and his family will present a letter that will be read out stating their intentions. They come bearing loads of gifts and baskets of fruits and food, and also a full box of clothes for the bride. The groom and his male accomplices then proceed to lay flat on the ground (it’s called prostrate) and will only rise after permission from brides parent. Then after the groom family payed dowry than they exchange drinks, palm wine. The wife will take the drink to the man, she will drink our of it and once the groom accept and drink, they are confirmed husband and wife. These are things you expect when attending a Nigeria wedding:
1. aso ebi (family clothes);
2. music;
3. money spraying;
4. food;
5. guest list.
Attire: A traditional Yoruba wedding attire includes lace or also oke iro ( a traditional Yoruba dress) and buba (top dresse) matching coral beads, matching shoe and bags, head tie and lots of accessories and a make up artist will be there to beautify the wife. Traditional Igbo attire includes a lace blouse, george or bright kaftan-like shirt. matching or contrasting coral beads and headtie. 

The venue is one of the important aspect of nigerian wedding. Some people rent an event center that can accomodate more than 1000 guest (It all depends on how bouyant you are). Some can do the engagement at the brides fathers family house but they must hola a party after the engagement ceremony. What makes a wedding stands out is the number of invited guest. Sometimes you need no invitation to attend a wedding, especially when the wedding is done in an open place, many well wishes joined the party. Star-studded guest list and captivating highlights to distinguished best dressed and the bloggers and journalist around to feed the people about the wedding are parts of the beauty of a Nigeria wedding.

Wedding party: this is the grand reception, today you can go to church or nikkaiceremony (for the muslims) then proceed to the party venue to entertain friends and family. Our food, dressing music, spraying of money and other way of life come out in full force.
Because if theres one thing Nigerians love to do, it is to have good party.